Saturday, April 2, 2011

Olivia is 3!!!

Where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we were at the hospital waiting for the arrival of our sweet angel. I blinked and now this baby of mine is 3! Here are some things about our big girl!

  • Her new name should be Princess because each day when she gets home from school, she puts on her Belle princess dress. She is obsessed with Beauty & The Beast (Belle) but will venture out and watch other Disney Princess movies.

  • She is almost fully potty trained! :) We are very proud of her and she is doing great!!

  • She is very independent and wants to do EVERYTHING by herself. "No, I do it!" is her favorite thing to say at times.

  • Besides her princesses, she still loves Toy Story and the gang. She loves to play with her babies, color, write, and have tea parties.

  • Dance is still a big part of her life. She has her first recital in May and we can't wait to see it! She only gives us a sneak peak at times. She will still dance around the house (especially when she is getting ready for the bath and has no clothes on!!).

  • She is a big talker once she warms up to people. She loves to talk at night after bedtime stories. After stories, she tries to start a conversation with me just so she doesn't have to go to sleep. She will say, "Talk Mommy!". Smart girl!

  • She still isn't the best eater. It is a hit or a miss when it comes to meal time. Oatmeal is always a hit no matter which meal.

  • Olivia still loves school and her teachers! We are so blessed to have a great school and teachers for her. She has many "boyfriends" there, but Foster D. is her main squeeze. :)

Olivia, you are such a special girl and we love you so much! You light up a room as soon as you enter it and you bring smiles to all! I have enjoyed every minute of watching you grow up. It is still so hard to believe that you are 3! You amaze me everyday and I look forward to the many years to come!

1 day Old

1 Year Old

2 Years Old!

3 Years Old!!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Check out the fun we had in the snow this morning! We didn't stay long because it was SO COLD! We don't have the right clothes for this type of weather, but we HAD to go out to make a snow angel and throw a snowball or two. Enjoy!

Heading out!

Olivia LOVED the snow!!

Look how deep!

Front and Back of our house!

Attempting to make snow angels!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was a little crazy. Every year we say that we aren't going to travel too much. Each year as we get close, I always change my mind and try to figure out the easiest way for us to visit ALL of our families!! We did it again this year and had a great time at each visit! Since Olivia still didn't quite understand how Santa works, I thought that we could travel like we did. Looking back, I think we will stick around our house for Christmas Eve, then play it by ear. So here is our Christmas!

Part 1 ~ Cumming, Ga

Santa stopped by early to surprise Olivia. He had so many toys and stops to make, her knew we wouldn't be home on Christmas Eve so her dropped off her riding horse! Thanks Santa!! We wouldn't have had room in our car to bring him home!

We also went ahead and opened gifts from mommy and daddy so we could see what gifts we should take on our trips! Look at how excited Liv was to get her Woody doll! PRICELESS!!
Olivia also got this cool tent from her daddy! She made mommy go through the tunnel to get to the tent! So much fun! Just wish we had a play room to put it in.

Christmas Part 2~Columbia, SC

GaGa's house

We were in Columbia for Christmas Eve and Santa made ANOTHER stop for our sweet girl. She had a great time with her toys as well as the toys she received from GaGa. Of course, I don't have any other pictures of her playing with cousin Hannah or with GaGa Carter. I hope to get some from them!

Good Morning! Look what Santa brought!

We were supposed to stay until Sunday, but mother nature had other plans. We heard that bad weather (snow) was coming in, so at the last minute on Saturday night, we packed up ALL of our things and headed to Statesboro! I was determined to get at least one picture with GaGa before we left. Here is the best one we got! Thanks mom for having us! We love you!

Christmas Part 3~Statesboro, GA

Here is our one and ONLY family picture from the holidays. It was right before the Turner family arrived. NaNa had a wonderful meal ready for all of us! We had a great time at NaNa and GrandDaddy's house! Having cousin Will and Grayson there made it extra fun! Of course, I don't have any other pictures. I do have some video of the kids at Monkey Joe's. We went there while the crazy daddies played golf in the FREEZING cold!!

Here's Aunt Laurie with all the kiddos with their toys! We missed Cooper who was sick and Maddie who couldn't make it. Olivia is already ready to see her cousins!!
We also visited with PaPa Doc, MiMi, Aunt Sara, Uncle Dusty, and cousin August. Of course, there are no pictures, but we LOVED seeing ya'll!!
Thanks for having us! WE LOVE YA'LL!!
Christmas Part 4~ Beaufort, SC

Our final stop was at Pop Frank's! Olivia was so excited to see everyone (especially her cousins Gracie and Duncan)! As you will see, they always have tons of fun!!

Right after dinner at Pop's, we headed over to Uncle CoCo and Aunt Wendy's house! Gracie ad a blast dressing up Olivia. They had a fashion show for us! Duncan played with his new toys while the adults got to catch up and visit!

Olivia was sure to spread the love and give her Duncan a hug!
Mommy and Aunt Wendy had a chance to have a girls' lunch and even had time to walk around downtown without the kids. It was great catching up and enjoying our meal! That evening, Matt and I went out to celebrate our 9th Anniversary! We went to a delish new restaurant in Beaufort (Wren). CoCo and Wendy ended up being there too, so we all ate together and had a great evening with delicious food and great conversation!
The night before we left, we had to have some fried turkey and oysters at dad's (a tradition). The kids stayed inside (smart) while the adults froze and ate some wonderful oysters!

Silly girls!

Duncan had been up since 4 am because he and CoCo had gone hunting. He was a trooper and hung in there just to be with us before we left!
Thanks for having us! Love ya'll!! We had a great time!!
So as you can see, fun was had by all! We (Matt) drove a lot of miles, but they were worth it. Christmas is about being with the ones you love. I couldn't imagine sharing this special time with anyone else! We love all of you and look forward to our next visit. Happy New Year!!!

Pumpkin Patch ~Oct. 2010

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkin, go for a hayride, and visit the local animals. Daddy had basketball, so it was just us girls. The weather was beautiful and the farm wasn't too crowded. We had a lot of fun!!

Olivia wasn't too sure of feeding the animals at first.

Then she got brave and fed one of the goats!

Time for our hayride around the farm! We even stopped at the dock to feed to HUGE catfish!
Look how beautiful the day was!!
MOM! I found my pumpkin!!

We got some yummy treats (apple cider, apple butter, apple bread, and popcorn for Liv), then loaded up and headed home!

Halloween 2010

Yes, it is Jan. 1, 2011, but I am determined to post some more fall pictures before we begin the new year. So here it goes!!


Olivia wanted to be a dragon princess for Halloween. She is in love with Pete's Dragon (a childhood movie of mine), so when I asked her about her costume, I gave her the choice of princess or dragon. She of course said, "Dragon Princess!". So here are some pictures of what we tried and what we ended up with!

Trying on the dragon costume and adding the princess details. Not loving it!

This is the princess outfit she wore to school for her parade!

Here is what we ended up with on Halloween! She loved it! She went Trick~or~Treating with her friends Jack and Caroline C. She had a blast!

Liv gave mommy her crown before she headed out! I LOVED hearing her use her manners when trick or treating!

After a few houses, she and Jack decided to ride in style! Smart kids!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mountain Trip ~Sept. 2010

We were so excited to meet up with NaNa and GrandDaddy at their cabin outside Helen! We LOVE visiting up there! That morning we headed out to a fun festival in a nearby town, then had a yummy lunch in Clarkesville! Of course, I don't have any pics from the afternoon, but we all had a great time! Mommy and NaNa got to go shopping while Livi and the men stayed home to nap!
Here is Livi monkeying around with her daddy!

It was really chilly the next morning when we decided to take pictures! It was so beautiful and relaxing.....mommy wanted to stay!!

Livi with NaNa, GrandDaddy, and Amber

Thanks for having us! We enjoyed it and look forward to our next visit!! Love ya'll!!